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About Us

CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together (CHEEERS: DHT) is an Irish non-profit, professional volunteer multidisciplinary sending organisation (RCN: 20153335). 


CHEEERS stands for:

        - Community

        - Healthcare

        - Empowering

        - Education

        - Experiences

        - Relationships and

        - Support

CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together works together with developing communities to improve healthcare services and to promote education and training of healthcare professionals.

CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together was established in 2015 by a group of Irish healthcare professionals who have volunteered at Kisiizi Hospital Uganda and within the local community since 2005. 


CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together works alongside Kisiizi Hospital staff and the local community to develop a number of healthcare projects and provide further education and training. 


In April 2015, CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together sent the first multidisciplinary team of eight medical and allied health professionals to Kisiizi Hospital. The multidisciplinary team included a Psychiatric Registrar, three Physiotherapists, one Occupational Therapist and three Dietitians.


In 2016, 2017 and 2018, CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together sent larger multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals expanding to include Speech and Language Therapists and Pharmacists.

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